Genocide, Holocaust and Disaster Studies

The primary objective of this vertex is to conduct extensive research on the Holocaust, human tragedies and other genocides to enhance our understanding of the events that transpired and their impact on society at large. Our aim is to produce evidence-based research that offers a deeper understanding of the root causes of these atrocities and how they can be prevented in the future.
This platform aims to bring together experts from different fields to discuss and exchange ideas on issues related to the Holocaust and genocide. We believe that an interdisciplinary approach to research provides novel insights, and we promote collaboration by bringing together scholars, policymakers, students, and other stakeholders in this area of study.
We promote public awareness of the Holocaust and genocide as part of the world’s history. We believe that learning about the atrocities that have happened in the past helps to prevent similar occurrences in the future. We intend to achieve this objective by organising public events such as lectures, workshops, conferences, and exhibitions, and by disseminating our research findings on various media platforms.
Finally, we seek to provide practical policy recommendations to governments, international organizations, and civil society actors on how to prevent and respond to genocide. Our research takes into account various perspectives, both from the victims and perpetrators, and we seek to provide practical policy measures that can help to prevent such atrocities from happening again. Overall, our objective is to contribute to a world where such violent acts are never repeated again and to promote peace and reconciliation.