Studies on Third World and Global South

The objective of this vertex is to examine the social, economic, and political aspects of these regions through a critical and multidisciplinary lens. Our aim is to provide insight into the challenges and opportunities faced by these nations and to propose solutions that can improve the lives of their citizens.

The first objective of our research is to investigate the historical and contemporary factors shaping the Third World and Global South. We aim to unravel the complex webs of power, exploitation, and resistance that have shaped the post-colonial era and continue to affect these regions. By analyzing the economic policies, cultural values, and geopolitical relations that have defined these countries’ trajectories, we seek to offer a nuanced understanding of their dynamics.

The second objective of our research is to propose policy recommendations that can contribute to sustainable and equitable development in the Third World and Global South. We recognize that these regions face multiple challenges, ranging from poverty and inequality to environmental degradation and political instability. We aim to identify innovative solutions that can be implemented both at the local and global levels, taking into account the context-specificities of each nation. Our research seeks to bridge the gaps between academic analysis and practical action, providing concrete pathways for change.

The final objective of our research is to foster dialogue and collaboration among scholars, policymakers, activists, and the general public on issues related to the Third World and Global South. We believe that our research can contribute to building bridges among different stakeholders and perspectives, facilitating constructive debates and mutual learning. We aim to engage with a diverse range of audiences, from academic conferences to community meetings, from social media to traditional media, in order to disseminate our findings widely and foster a participatory approach to knowledge production.

Studies on Third World and Global South

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