Global Europe Program

The Global Europe Program is an initiative that focuses on crucial issues that impact the European continent as well as Europe’s relationship with the rest of the world, including its strategic partnerships with other nations. At the core of the program, we delve into European responses to significant global challenges, including global governance, human rights, populism and migration.
We also examine Europe’s connections with other significant powers, such as Russia and Eurasia, China and the US; and the regions such as: Asia, Latin America, Oceania, Middle East and Africa. As part of the program, we explore a diverse range of topics, from the role of global organisations like NATO, the European Union and OSCE to European security and challenges to democracy, and counter-terrorism.
This program initiates lectures, seminars, workshops and conferences to produce analytical insights that contribute to recommendations for policymakers and the media. The program’s objective is to develop a deeper understanding of the continent and its affairs and pave the way for enhanced Europe-world relations that are based on cooperation and mutual interests.