Book Discussion: International History by Akira Iriye and Petra Goedde

Photo Courtesy: Bloomsbury Academic


Akira Iriye and Petra Goedde in their new book International History: A Cultural Approach, present an innovative history of modern international relations that stresses cultural themes. In place of the usual focus on great-power rivalries, diplomatic negotiations, military conflict, and other phenomena in which sovereign nations are the key players, this book focuses on intercultural relations as individuals, races, religions, and non-state actors interact across national boundaries, to provide a fresh perspective on modern international history.



Among the themes covered in this book are: nationalism and cosmopolitanism, migration, cross-cultural encounters, consumerism and youth cultures, environmental transformations and economic and technological globalization. Iriye and Goedde’s approach offers a deeper understanding of international history, focusing on people and their cultures rather than just state level interactions.



Petra Goedde

Professor of History, Temple University



Soumava Basu

Soumava Basu

President and Founder, CGC


Yash Singh

Researcher, The Cold War Project, CGC