Japanese War Crimes: The Problem of Reckoning and Reconciliation (GISA-INAUGUARL LECTURE)


In 2023, the Council for Global Cooperation in collaboration with the Development Study Club (DSC) launched a joint research program, Genocides in Southeast Asia (GISA). The program aims to work on the cases of genocides and atrocities that are genocidal in nature that have occurred or are still occurring in the region. From the Japanese war crimes in Southeast Asia during World War II to the modern day Rohingya plight, the program would cover vast and gruesome cases of injustice to mankind that continues to be present in the region and affecting the socio-political structure. 


GISA would also contain a lecture series, where the CGC would be inviting various scholars and experts to speak on the pressing themes of genocide/genocidal atrocities in Southeast Asia. In the GISA inaugural lecture titled Japanese War Crimes: The Problem of Reckoning and Reconciliation, Robert Cribb would highlight the war crimes committed by Japan in Southeast Asia during World War II, how they have been memorialised and its impact on current international affairs.



Photo Courtesy: Development Study Club



Robert Cribb

Emeritus Professor, Department of Political and Social Change at Coral Bell School of Asia-Pacific Affairs, Australia National University



Soumava Basu

President and Founder, CGC


Reza Hikam

Head, Development Study Club (DSC)



Yash Singh

Researcher, The Cold War Project, CGC


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